Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative videos

The Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative (SGCC) has produced a series of videos with which utilities can help educate residential customers about the smart grid in a fun and engaging way.

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“We created these videos to add another dimension to the facts presented to consumers surrounding smart grid and deepen their learning opportunities,” said Patty Durand, SGCC’s executive director.

The short, mixed-media messages are compiled with information from SGCC’s quantitative consumer research and fact sheets, and feature a range of “hot topics.”

For example, one video reviews the pricing plans enabled by the smart grid, identifying how they can help consumers save money and improve the environment. Three of the videos look at smart meters, examining smart meter myths and realities, exploring privacy issues and protections, and addressing health concerns about radio frequency. The final two videos illustrate the consumer benefits generated by grid modernization and highlight how the smart grid keeps power on and, when power does go down, gets it restored quickly.

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