Engaging consumers: how to do it right

As the nation’s leading competitive energy provider, Exelon Corporation subsidiary Commonwealth Edison Company is demonstrating how demand response can be done — and done right.

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ComEd’s Peak Time Savings Smart Appliance Challenge threw down the gauntlet to customers enrolled in its Peak Time Savings program: voluntarily lower your electric usage during highest demand periods and those who saved the most electricity would be well-rewarded.

ComEd’s Peak Time Savings is a smart-meter enabled program that rewards customers with credits to their electric bills for lowering electricity usage during peak demand periods. Customers can earn a $1 credit on their electric bills for every kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity they voluntarily reduce during Peak Time Savings Hours.

This summer, ComEd’s Peak Time Savings program saved approximately $400,000 on customers’ electric bills.

“This is another program that leverages the smart meter technology so our customers can reap the value of the investments made to modernize our electrical system,” said Val Jensen, senior vice president of Customer Operations, ComEd. “Smart meters are at the heart of what we believe will become the electricity network of the future. Smart appliances are able to work with smart meters and know when electricity prices are cheaper, or reductions are being requested. This feature gives customers greater options on their energy usage and saves them money on their electric bill.”

In addition to credit on their electric bills, each of the Peak Time Savings Smart Appliance Challenge winners will receive GE smart appliances.

ComEd is the first utility in the Midwest to offer Peak Time Savings to customers. Under its Smart Grid plan, ComEd will install about 4 million smart meters throughout its service area by the end of 2018. Currently more than 1.6 million smart meters have been installed in ComEd’s service area. Customers with smart meters are eligible to sign up for Peak Time Savings.

In addition, recent legislation supported by ComEd, known as ComEd’s Future Energy Plan, builds on the benefits of the smart grid to expand support for renewable energy in Illinois and ensure that energy consumers and the state economy will continue to benefit from affordable power, a more secure and resilient grid and innovation that is establishing Illinois as a leader for a greener, cleaner future.


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