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Here you will find all relevant information related to the MSc Degree in Distributed Renewable Energies at the University of Cordoba.

In recent years, electricity generation from renewable energy sources has taken major relevancy. The growing exposed demand, along with declining energy resources, are a number of factors that influence the development of the energy scene in general, and that of the energy infrastructures in particular. In addition, you must ensure respect for the environment in all processes as a basic principle, following the objective of Sustainable Development.

Although currently speaks of “Distributed Generation”, perhaps it is more correct to speak in terms of “Distributed Energy Resources”. The aim is to participate in the new technological environment of the “Smart Grids” for the integration of Distributed Generation based on renewable energy, which has been called Distributed Renewable Energies.

In this context, the main objective of this Master’s Degree will be to acquire solid knowledge in the different renewable energies sources, as well as the skills and abilities needed to facilitate research and implementation of Information Technology and Communications (ICT) in the field of Distributed Renewable Energy. The various collaboration agreements with institutions and industry leaders of the sector will allow to complete the practical formation.

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