Manufacturers facing pressure to drive EV popularity

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Electric vehicles (EV) are seeing another push as pressure on car manufacturing companies to devise sustainable and environmental friendly automobiles grows. Although electric cars will not be the answer to all environmental issues, automakers are touting the benefits of ownership.

Credit: Ralf Roletschek/Wikimedia Commons

The biggest benefit hinges on environmental sustainability, and auto experts note that EVs are the foundation of next generation automobiles that will be environment friendly and efficient. EVs are also seen as a solution to the continuing increase in fuel prices. Experts note that EVs are capable of running for at least 43 miles for just $1. However, a potential tax on mileage could negate such benefits. Further, automobile experts overwhelmingly recommend the vehicles for the quiet nature of their rides.

Support of EVs has been, overall, positive. Environmental activists are encouraging manufacturers to rapidly produce more versions of electric cars to help curb or even reverse the damage caused by emissions.

Experts predict that electric cars are set to become one of the biggest developments in modern car manufacturing.

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