The European Nitrogen Cycle Meeting is an annual conference that covers all aspects of bacterial nitrogen metabolism, with special relevance in the latest advances in denitrification, nitrification, COMAMMOX (complete ammonium oxidation), ANAMMOX (anaerobic ammonium oxidation), nitrogen fixation and nitrate assimilation, bringing together researchers from across Europe. The scientific programme will include topics related to genomics, biochemistry, molecular biology, ecology and physiology. This meeting will comprise plenary talks by international experts, oral and poster presentations. Early career researchers, postdocs and PhD students, are encouraged to present oral presentations.

This year the European Nitrogen Cycle Meeting will take place from September 24-26, 2017 in Cordoba, Spain at the Cordoba Center Hotel. The conference fee will include accommodation and meals at the hotel.

The city of Cordoba invites people to visit historic monuments like the Great Mosque of Cordoba, built during the period of Moorish occupation. It is the most splendid Islamic monument in the western world and its construction commenced in 785, when Abd-ar-Rahman established Cordoba as capital of al-Andalus. The Great Mosque is a harmonious combination of various different styles, including the initial works of Abd-ar-Rahman I and Hispano-Visigothic influences, declared World Heritage Monument by UNESCO. The city of Cordoba is also rich in museums like the Ethnobotanical Museum and the Julio Romero de Torres Museum.

There are many restaurants and tapas bars near the Cordoba Center Hotel, which is in the City center just at 15 minutes-walk from the oldtown.

On behalf of the organizers, I would like to invite you to attend to the 22nd N-cycle meeting and we look forward to seeing you in Cordoba.

Maria Dolores Roldan Ruiz

Estimated start of the meeting: Sunday September 24th at 18:00 h.

Estimated end of the meeting: Tuesday September 26th at 18:00 h.