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System requirements and performance

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WiM-Med is designed to work under the Windows operating system (XP or later). The disk space required for installing the basic program is minimal: 5 MB. The sample file containing the full “Guadalfeo basin” case study takes up 1GB.

However, it is during the calculation with the simulation model when there is a greater demand on system requirements. In this case, both disk space and RAM memory, as well the as computing time required, depend largely on the number of pixels the study area is divided into, the number of days the simulation lasts and the number of calculation variables for which results are required. Therefore, it is practically impossible to fix any previous system requirements.

To give an example, we can state the specific requirements used during the simulation of the particular case included in the Guadalfeo Basin study. The study area in this case was made up of 1.5 million cells. The computer used was an AMD Athlon 2400+. The free RAM needed is 1.5 GB (2 GB total minimum, including Windows). The disk size required depends on the combination of the number of maps requested, calculation length and time scale in which the results are needed, given that each map in this basin takes up about 10 MB. Using these data, we can estimate that a calculation with hourly results, for example, would occupy 1GB of disk space for each variable and for each 4-day simulation period. The program automatically calculates the disk space needed in order to alert the user if there is any danger of running out of free disk space.









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