Registration procedure

If you are interested in participating or attending the International Conference ‘Education and Development Cooperation’, please follow the steps below. Participants with symposia or communications will register once their proposals have been accepted:

    1. Download the registration form and complete it with your personal data.
    2. Send to the Organizing Committee (infoedco@uco.es) an email with the registration form and the proof of payment of the fee.
    3. Note: Please do not forget to rename the registration form with your complete name in order to verify the registration. For example: Name_Surname.doc

The registration fee must be paid into the following bank account:

Bank Name: Banco Santander Central Hispano
Account Number: 0049 2420 31 2714626725
IBAN Code: ES77 0049 2420 3127 1462 6725
Concept: Full name of the participant
Note: To effectively register for the Conference, all authors must send the receipt of payment (PDF; JPG or similar file) to the official email of the conference infoedco@uco.es

Participation fees

The procedure to register for the Conference is explained in the section ‘Registration procedure’.

Participants in Symposia*
With communication With communication No communication
Deadline: 31/05/2015 Deadline: 31/05/2015 Deadline: 31/05/2015
Publication of papers Publication of papers --
* The coordinator of invited symposia does not need to pay for their registration; however, it is compulsory that all the rest of participants in the Symposia are registered.

Registration form

Once you have downloaded and completed the registration form, you must save the file and rename it with your name and surname in order to verify your payment.

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International Conference registration form.