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10 reasons why you should study at the University of Cordoba

  1. Because you will have the opportunity to study in a city immersed in history. Thanks to its cultural and monumental legacy, Cordoba was designated World Heritage City by the UNESCO in 1984 and is a leading candidate for the European Capital of Culture title in 2016. A crossroads of diverse cultures throughout the city’s history, the splendour it achieved under the Romans and Visigoths grew with the arrival of the Muslims at the beginning of the 8th century when Cordoba became the capital of Al-Andalus; the largest and most developed city in the West. The Mosque, one of the most emblematic monuments of the city, was the greatest in the Western world under Muslim rule. Located on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, the Mosque houses a Christian cathedral. The nearby Jewish Quarter, where the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters is located, stands out for its narrow, winding streets.
  2. Because you will form part of one of the best universities in Spain and have the opportunity to study at a leading research and teaching institution. The University of Cordoba is one of the most prestigious universities in the country and a pioneer in the field of science, technology and agriculture and food.
  3. Because Cordoba is a strategically located city. Thanks to the high-speed AVE train, Cordoba is just a short journey from cities like Madrid (2 hours), Seville (45 min.) and Malaga (1 hour). Commuter trains also run several times a day between the RENFE train station in the centre of Cordoba and Rabanales Campus.
  4. Because the UCO is the first Campus of International Excellence in Andalusia. The UCO is a pioneer in the creation of a unique model of excellence for the global future of food and agriculture: the ceiA3 Campus of International Excellence. Built on a strategic grouping of five Andalusian universities (Almeria, Cadiz, Cordoba, Jaen and Huelva), the ceiA3 is an unparalleled project dedicated to food and agriculture; a basic pillar of the economy of Andalusia and a key sector driving the economic, social and political development of the region. In 2015, the ceiA3 Campus will be a national pioneer and international leader at the forefront of research and the training of experts in food production systems, food security and safety, and environmental protection through sound and sustainable agrifood practices.  
  5. Because the city offers a wide range of cultural and leisure activities. Cordoba has an extensive network of public libraries and museums such as the Archaeological and Ethnological Museum; one of the largest and most interesting in all of Spain. International students can enjoy a 50% discount on tickets to performances at the Gran Teatro, while the Film Archives of Andalusia shows a wide variety of both Spanish and European films. Cordoba is also renowned for its festivals including the International Guitar Festival, the Cosmopoética poetry festival, which attracts musicians and writers from all over the world, and the Animacor animated film festival.
  6. Because we offer a wide range of programmes of study: The UCO offers an enormous variety of programmes of study ranging from the humanities and legal and social sciences to the health sciences or science and technology – three areas equally represented by the UCO’s three main campuses: the Legal and Social Sciences Campus in the city centre, the Health Campus in the western part of the city and the Rabanales Agrifood, Science and Technology Campus to the east. The University also has a Polytechnic School located 60 kilometres from the city in the town of Belmez. For those interested in improving their Spanish and learning more about our culture, UCOIDIOMAS offers international students courses on Spanish language and culture.
  7. Because the UCO is a young, mid-sized university: With 21,000 students, more than 1200 teaching faculty and 700 employees, the UCO is a dynamic institution that has successfully adapted to the 21st-century demand for excellence in teaching and proven scientific expertise.
  8. Because you will study at one of the best-equipped universities in Europe. Most of the UCO’s scientific activity takes place on Rabanales Campus where the Veterinary Faculty, Science Faculty, Higher Polytechnic School and Agricultural and Forest Engineering School are located. The University of Cordoba is one of the best-equipped academic institutions throughout Europe thanks to the modern facilities and cutting-edge technologies available on Rabanales Campus. In addition to housing departmental offices, the campus also has other singular facilities such as the Aulario lecture hall, the Veterinary Hospital or the Juan XXIII Assembly Hall whose soaring tower overlooks the entire campus. The main library, modern sports facilities, the Lucano Residence Hall and the train station complete the list of general services available on Rabanales campus, in addition to the nearby Rabanales 21 R&D Technology Park that is currently under construction. The Reina Sofia Teaching Hospital, one of the most prestigious hospitals in all of Spain, also forms part of the UCO’s Health Campus.
  9. Because an international exchange tutor will be available to help you: If you need help finding accommodation (students can live off campus with Spanish families or share a flat with other students), choosing classes or courses or getting information on what to do in the city, an international exchange tutor will be there to help you. Upon request, we also offer students the opportunity to improve their Spanish with a native conversation partner.
  10. Because your health and safety are important to us. International students at the UCO will be given a foreign student health card. In case of emergency, medical services personnel can contact our academic authorities 24 hours a day. In addition, the UCO provides free psychological counselling for all of its students.