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International Students

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Location: Avenida Medina Azahara, 5.14071. Córdoba (España)

Timetable: Working days from 10,30h to 13,30h.

Outside these hours, inquiries must be made by email.

Before sending an email, it is recommended that you read all information about programs and direct it only to the responsible person.

Information to call any UCO phone from Skype

Nines Gámiz Navarro
Erasmus+ traineeships*
Erasmus Mobility for Training (STT)
UCO Global traineeships
UCO-Global Summer Programme
+34 957 21 26 10
María Concepción Castiñeira Madrid
Erasmus Mundus EULAlinks-Sense
International Credit Mobility (between programme and partner countries)
Erasmus+ Mobility (Strategic partnerships)
+34 957 21 20 47
Emilio Arjona Crespo
Erasmus+ Mobility for Teaching (STA)
Santander Grants
UCO-Global studies
UCO-Global Asia Programme
+34 957 21 21 53
Ana María Correas Ada
SICUE Programme
Bilateral agreements
+34 957 21 21 53
Pedro Luis Ranchal Guisado
Administrative procedures for international students
Web maintenance
+34 957 21 25 82
Manuel Arroyo Feria
Erasmus+ studies +34 957 21 26 09
To determinate
Division Head +34 957 21 25 84
Carlos García Martínez
Director of the International Relations Office (ORI)
* For Erasmus Traineeships, please contact the Erasmus Coordinator of your field of studies.