UcoHead: a data set for multi-view head estimation in low resolution images

The UcoHead data set has been created for evaluation purposes in the field of multi-view head pose estimation using low-resolution images. The data set contains images of ten different people and was recorded  in the PEIS room of the University of Örebro (Sweden). The subjects worn a flock of bird tracker, which according to the manufacturer provides resolutions of 0.15 deg. A total of 6 usb webcams placed at the face level, recorded the scene.

Legal considerations

This data set is distributed under the GPL2 license. Additionally, if you use this data set, you have to reference the paper:

Muñoz-Salinas R, Yeguas E., Saffiotti A., Medina-Carnicer R., "Multi-Camera Head Pose Estimation", Machine Vision and Applications, Volume 23, Number 3 (2012), 479-490.

Download the dataset and instructions here.