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Born in Cordoba (Spain) in 1968, I got my degrees of B. Agricultural Engineer (1993) and Agricultural Economics, Ph.D. (1996), both in the University of Cordoba (Spain). From 1997 to the present I have worked at the Universities of Valladolid and Cordoba (Spain) as Associate Professor and Professor in the Departments of Agricultural Economics. In these professional posts I have reached a wide experience on teaching (20 academic courses in Agricultural Business Administration and Agricultural Policy) and research in agricultural and environmental policy and economics (more than 60 peer reviewed papers in international journals and a full array of other scientific documents).

Dealing with my expertise on research and consultancy work, I could point that I have been involved in 32 public-sector financed research projects and contracts, being the coordinator of these projects/contracts 11 times. The purpose of most of them was public decision making support, especially dealing with agricultural and environmental policy. The most recent and relevant ones were the projects PROVIDE (Providing smart delivery of public goods by EU agriculture and forestry, 2015-2018), financed by the EU Commission, MERCAGUA (Designing new water markets for Spain: Assessment as measures for the improvement of efficiency in water use and the adaptation to climate change, 2014-2017) AGRIBOBERSOS (Composite indicators for sustainability assessment: an instrument to improve agricultural governance, 2009-2013), FUTURPAC (Prospective analysis for sustainability assessment in the Spanish agricultural systems, 2006-2009) and MULTIAGRO (Quantification of multifunctional services -environmental and social externalities- supplied by agricultural systems, 2003-2006), all of them financed by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology.

Most relevant Peer-reviewed publications


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