Based on a mathematical programming model, the study finds that the proportional allocation of water, and not additional taxes on the resource, is more effective from the point of view of those engaged in agriculture

In the face of European regulations mandating salt and nitrite reductions in food, a team from the University of Cordoba has tested the potential of a yeast as a natural preservative in Iberian pork loin from the Pedroches Valley

Hydraulics and Irrigation researchers present strategies for the use of energy in the Lower Guadalquivir Valley, which boasts the largest photovoltaic plant for self-provisioning

Martes, 25 Junio 2024 08:47

Pauses in human activity benefit biodiversity

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A study published in Global Ecology and Conservation shows that Covid-19 lockdowns had a positive impact on the quality of species' habitats

Martes, 18 Junio 2024 08:47

The World's Oldest Wine Discovered

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A white wine over 2,000 years old, of Andalusian origin, is the oldest wine ever discovered.

A study featuring more than 3,500 Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO) students and 294 teachers reveals that teachers' commitment to inclusive education favors their students' socio-emotional skills

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