Discussion Forum on the Iberian pig and its derivatives


The list of distribution CERDO-IBERICO is a forum promoted by the Animal Production Department (in the School of Agricultural and Forestry Engineering) of the University of Córdoba.

It is intented to foster discussion on all those aspects related to the Iberian pig and its derived products (ham, loin, sausages):

  • Production systems
  • Carcass quality
  • Genetics
  • Quality of the derived products
  • Quality evaluation
  • Marketing of the products

Contributions from researchers, public or private companies, producers and people interested in the Iberian pig are welcomed to the list.

The discussions held in the list are mainly of a scientific character, but any other aspects, such as any news about the sector, or inquiries about the productive or industrial systems, are also included.

It is intended to create a meeting place for researchers and members of the sector, where the last scientific contributions are discussed. It also fosters the exchange of experiences, information, and results between all the members.

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