International Conference on

and Post-Truth Politics

Precarity, Populism

1 - 3 February 2018

Cordoba (Spain)

+70 Presentations
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Internationally well-known speakers
Plenary Speakers

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30 members from 17 Entities, Universities and Institutions from diverse countries.

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The Organising Committee and our collaborators are delighted to welcome academic scholars and artists from a wide variety of disciplines to make this occasion a special encounter and to favour the creation of synergies worldwide among all those interested in issues related to precarity, populism and post-truth politics. For several days experts from a vast array of fields will share their views regarding the issues derived from the global increase of precarity, populism and post-truth politics to assess the present and future challenges it may pose in our conflicted globalized world. The first quarter of the twenty-first century is rapidly approaching and we believe that it is high time to think together, albeit not necessarily to agree, about this thought-provoking and hot issue.

The conference theme, “Precarity, Populism and Post-Truth Politics”, aims at creating a nourishing meeting forum for those scholars around the world interested in working collectively in global phenomena associated to these topics in a broad sense, regardless of its area(s) of application from either a theoretical or practical approach. We invite contributors to honour us with their invaluable presence and to deepen the discussion beyond our individual powers. In addition, this event will proudly host the foundation of an international research network which seeks to gather scholars from multiple disciplines around this much-needed theme.

On behalf of the Convenors and the Organising Committee, we are delighted to welcome delegates and attendees, and hope this event will become an enriching experience on all levels. We are sure that Cordoba’s unique historical and cultural heritage will captivate you.  

Cristina M. Gámez-Fernández, University of Córdoba (Spain)
Om Prakash Dwivedi, Auro University (India)
Janet Wilson, University of Northampton (UK)


Plenary Speakers

Elleke Boehmer

University of Oxford, UK

Tabish Khair (PhD, DPhil)

Aarhus University, DENMARK





The University of Córdoba is pleased and proud to organize and host through its Rectorate the First International Conference on Precarity, Populism and Post-Truth Politics. The gathering features a large number of renowned and prestigious experts and participants, and their discussions and papers will surely become a national and international point of reference in these fields. The convening of this conference at the present time, one of great political and economic significance, is both timely and necessary.

Now more than ever, the occasion of a conference on these topics appears indispensable for the international academic and research community in the light of current incidents occurring that reveal their relevance as problems occurring on a global scale. National and international organisations highlight the vital importance of the eradication of poverty as the only means to the livelihood and survival of human race, the defence of justice, of gender equity and of preservation of the planet. This is the indisputable bottom line for the freedom of thought, education, culture and the understanding of peoples and societies.

From the University of Córdoba, together with the other organizing institutions (Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University in Lucknow, India and the University of Northampton in the United Kingdom) and collaborating institutions, we are convinced that this International Conference on Precarity, Populism and Post-Truth Politics will become a shared space to exchange experiences and to present research aimed at the creation of new synergies and channels of understanding. It will show how these three topics meaningfully interrelate in multiple ways, and so ensure a widespread dissemination of its results. I am particularly pleased to mention that within the framework of this conference, the foundations will be laid for the creation of an international network of scholarly experts who will continue to investigate these pressing issues.

As the Rector of the University of Córdoba, I am delighted to support this initiative. For this reason, let me use this space to invite all participants, delegates, keynote speakers, collaborators and attendants to make this International Conference a place for reflection, exchange and innovation relevant at an international level. This is an absolute priority for those of us who, with heart and soul, not only try to understand the world we live in, but also devote our lives to the education of younger generations in this complex 21st century.

May these words, therefore, come as a warm welcome to the participants of this International Conference on Precarity, Populism and Post-Truth Politics. The University of Córdoba is also your home while you are here: feel welcome and let us know the conclusions that will flow from this conference and the promising creation of the international research network.

José Carlos Gómez Villamandos, Rector of the University of Córdoba.

Academic Programme

The conference will take place between 1 and 3 February 2018, with presentations
by guest speakers on each of these days. The Organising Committee is pleased
to announce the programme of the Conference, available here: