Modalities for Participation

1st International Conference on Precarity, Populism and Post-Truth Politics

Modalities for Participation

The organization of this Conference has established two modalities for participation:

  1. All communications will last 20 minutes and will deliver the results of scholars’ original research. The International Advisory Board will select communications for publication in a book format. Delegates can choose to present an oral or a virtual communication:

      • Oral Communications: live presentation followed by a debate

      • Virtual Communications: video-conference presentation.

  2. Guest Panels. Proposals for 90-minute panels with a 500 word justification in addition to individual abstracts of 300 words are also welcome. It will host 3 communications plus a 30-minute debate. Their design will be purposefully focused on the development of a common topic.

Virtual communications must be sent in video format, with a maximun size of 100 MB. These must include a list of contents, an abstract and bibliographical references. Attach a photograph of each author together with your presentation, a short biography to make the presentation friendlier to your audience and a contact email address. PowerPoint presentations must have between 10 and 25 slides and include the narration by the author. This PowerPoint presentation should be exported to video format for submission. For further information about this through the following link: Record a slide show with narration and slide timings.

Once your presentations are ready, deliver them through the online service called WeTransfer, sending it to the email address: It is essential that you inform the convenors that this is arriving since this service does not store information for longer than a couple of days.

Please bear in mind that the deadline to send your materials for the virtual presentation modality is MONDAY JANUARY 19, 2018.

This Conference also allows only-attendance.


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