Ventilation system and airborne transmission

TRACER is a project to research the ventilation system influence on airborne transmission of human exhaled bioaersols. Cross infection risk evaluation is analyzed in hospital environments.

Dissemination of scientific knowledge of this Research Project has been carried out through Science and Technology outreach Spanish TV program Lab24.

We invite you to see a summary of the Research Project TRACER.

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Exposure to Bioaerosol in hospital environments

This research is key to investigate the exposure to bioaerosols with an aerodynamic diameter between 0.3 μm and 10 μm, from the exhalation of people in hospital environments.

Bioaerosol emission from persons is simulated in our Research Lab by using injection of small particles into the breathing system of thermal dummies. Personal exposure to bioaerosol is analyzed under different ventilation system conditions.

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Renewable and clean-energy technologies based on IEC and DW

Our Research Group has developed a new Renewable Air Cooling Systems based on desiccant wheel and an indirect evaporative heat exchanger.

A first prototype designed by our Research Group at the University of Córdoba has been built by Keyter Technologies company (Córdoba - Spain) and it has been experimentally tested at the facilities of the Andaltec Plastic Technological Centre (Martos - Jaén - Spain).

This is an example of technology cooperation of our Research Group with leader partners to develop clean-energy technology to cool buildings and industries. 

 news racu andaltec