Cross infection risk analysis in hospital environments. Experimental research is carried out in the IEQ Research Lab at the University of Cordoba. Breathing Thermal Manikins are used in hospital rooms simulated environments. Tracer gas and bioaerosols techniques are used in combination with displacement ventilation, mixing ventilation and personalized ventilation.
Renewable and clean-energy technologies are tested as Advanced HVAC systems based on Indirect Evaporative Cooling, IEC, and Desiccant Wheels, DW. New prototypes are tested in our HVAC Research Lab, exploring the potential of these systems in the frame of renewable and clean technologies.
Renewable and clean-energy technologies are tested as Renewable Air Cooling Systems, RACU. New prototypes are tested using new technologies based on ultra efficient Indirect Evaporative Cooling, IEC and Desiccant Wheels, DW. The new prototypes are tested in a new generation of Renewable District Heating and Cooling for Sustainable Cities.
Renewable and clean-energy technologies are tested as PV HVAC Systems. Photovoltaic technologies are directly linked to new generation of HVAC systems in cooperation with leader manufacturer companies in this sector.

Potential of Double Facades and Green Roofs are investigated as an opportunity for Nearly Zero Energy Buildings, NZEB.

Field analysis is used base on intensive and long monitoring campaigns for NZEB in Southern Climates.

Wine and Brandy Evaporation during ageing processes have an economical impact on companies.

Evaporation Control Losses are investigated by means of HVAC systems in industrial buildings for wine and brandy ageing in oak barrels.