Conexión basada en 802.1x (SSID "eduroam") - EDUROAM CAT

Eduroam (Educational Roaming) Eduroam (Educational Roaming) is an international project whose objective is to create a single WiFi space that allows easy wireless access to Internet in movements among the academic institutions associated with the project.


A University of Córdoba user who is in an Eduroam affiliate institution, will be able to connect to its wireless network using the credentials of our university. In the same way, any external user whose institution belongs to Eduroam, will be able to access to UCO wireless network with their user / password in their institution.


The University of Córdoba offers access to guest users on the same terms as its own users, and through all the available modalities, applying the restrictions of the Student collective


Once configured, this access mode allows the user to connect to UCO wireless network automatically and securely.


This type of connection uses the available standards for WiFi networks in terms of encryption and authentication, specifically WPA (WiFi Protected Access) in its "Enterprise" mode with the 802.1x authentication method (EAP-TTLS) and TKIP encoded.


To configure Eduroam, it is recommended to use the installation profiles available on Eduroam CAT (Configuration Assistant Tool), that facilitate the configuration task to users. Access is possible by scanning QR:



eduroam CAT (Configuration Assistant Tool)


Setting up a computer using eduroam CAT is as simple as downloading and running the installer corresponding to the operating system of your equipment for the University of Córdoba in eduroam CAT




If instead of using the previous link you access directly to eduroam CAT home page, you must click on the button located at the bottom of the screen.




And then select the University of Córdoba from the list of institutions associated with the Eduroam initiative that is presented.




Finally you must choose the installer corresponding to the operating system of your computer that you will have to execute in it:




Only in case you do not find the appropriate installer to your computer's operating system, proceed to the manual configuration.