Jueves, 29 Agosto 2019 13:55

CILIFO | Mathematics to Fight Forest Fires

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The UCO is working within the framework of the CILIFO project on an algorithm that will predict the behaviour of forest fires

A research project is advocating for the importance of this livestock exploitation system to mitigate climate change

The ECOPOTENTIAL project seeks to monitor how human activity is modifying ecosystems in protected areas

The 'Algared +' project has yielded a better understanding of how nitrogen assimilation works in plants

A research team at the University of Córdoba has tested the effectiveness and speed of NIR technology to individually analyse the quality of intact cuts of Iberian loin

A research team at the University of Córdoba has compared the behaviour of two different strains of the Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus, to expedite the production of an effective vaccine in the future

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