Knowledge transfer and innovation

The Joint Research Unit on “Knowledge Transfer and Innovation” is a multidisciplinary research team formed by the CSIC and the University of Córdoba. It focuses on the interface between R&D, knowledge transfer and innovation. The main research lines are related to the links between universities and other actors in the close environment, the socioeconomic impact of R&D, and the effects of knowledge transfer on firms, public administrations and the civic society.

Research Lines

Governance and organization of knowledge transfer and innovation

  • The institutional quality of innovation systems
  • Analysis of public policies related to knowledge transfer and innovation
  • The evaluation of knowledge transfer and research impact

Local and regional innovation systems

  • Behaviors and attitudes related to innovation
  • University outreach at local and regional levels
  • Innovation in SMEs and micro firms
  • Human resources and training for innovation

The socioeconomic impact of scientific activity

  • Bibliometrics and Altmetrics on knowledge transfer and impact
  • The presence of researchers and research outputs in digital social networks 
  • Indicators of knowledge transfer, dissemination and impact
  • Operational research and big data related to knowledge transfer and innovation

Purposes and Resources

The Joint Research Unit on Knowledge Transfer and Innovation has been created by an agreement between the Presidency of Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and the Rector of the University of Córdoba in October 2018. It is associated to the Institute of Advanced Social Studies (IESA), an official research centre of CSIC.

It is formed by researchers of both institutions specialized on social studies related to R&D and innovation from different backgrounds such us sociology, information science, management, economics and statistics.

The Research Unit it is oriented to combine state-of-art research, applied studies and consultancy for institutions and firms wishing to improve their processes of knowledge transfer and innovation.  The main activities include projects, scientific publications and reports, doctoral dissertations, specialized training and events related to the above research lines.

Resources for research:

  • Analysis of scientific production: bibliometrics, cibermetrics, altmetrics and alternative indicators
  • Quantitative surveys: face-to-face, telephone, online and multi-method surveys
  • Data processing and complex statistical analysis
  • Qualitative surveys and Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA)

About US

Fernando Aguado Basabe

Pre-doctoral researcher in the Institute for Advanced Social Studies (IESA-CSIC), he is granted with a contract of the Research Staff Training (FPI) program from the Spanish National Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation. He is writing his doctoral dissertation along with the University of Cordoba (UCO).

He studied Sociology in Complutense University of Madrid and the Master in Public and Social Policies in Pompeu Fabra University. Previously to become a member of this unit, he has worked and collaborated with different public and private organizations, such as Barcelona City hall, Barcelona Provincial Council, Alto Data Analytics or the Statistics Institute of Cantabria.

He works about innovation sociology from the institutional quality, redtape analysis and the sociology of organization point of view.

Fernando Aguado Basabe

Pre-doctoral researcher in the Institute for Advanced Social Studies (IESA-CSIC),...

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