Rocío Muñoz Benito

Cum laude PhD in Social and Law Sciences by the University of Cordoba, Bachelor in Business and Economic Sciences by the University of Cordoba and Master in Market Research and Marketing for responsible of Social Economy by the Loyola University of Andalusia.

The most outstanding of her professional career is her activity as trainer and adviser about Information Technology for companies, universities and other organizations such the Comillas Pontifical University, Vértice Group, Provincial Consortium of Economic Development of Córdoba, Loyola University of Andalusia, European Information Centre of Córdoba and Jean Monnet Chair of Economics of the University of Córdoba.

Regarding to the knowledge transfer, she was Project Head of the Scientific and Technologic Park of Cordoba, Rabanales 21. Currently, she collaborates with the Advising Commission about Research Transfer of the University of Cordoba (2006-2012) in projects evaluation.