El problema de la tyche en la literatura griega postclásica: a propósito del relato de Solón y Creso según Plutarco

Israel Muñoz Gallarte


Few years ago in a meeting organized in Paris by the IPS we dealt with Plutarch's treatment of Herodotus’ story regarding the meeting of the Athenian councilman with Croesus of Lydia in his Life of Solon. It is our aim in this occasion to focus on the suppression of two crucial elements from Herodotus’ story, to wit the alleged ‘envy of gods’ and the historian’s cyclic conception of history. Therefore, from an analysis of the reasons behind this elimination, we think that we will be able of understand the consequences for Plutarch's theory of tyche.

Keywords/Palabras clave

Plutarch, Herodotus, tyche, determinism, post-classical Greek philosophy, religious studies.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.21071/ltap.v1i1.10815


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