Translation Profession Status in Vietnam: Document and Empirical Analyses

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Lan Bao Hoang


Although Olvera-Lobo et al. (2005) found that the volume of documents needed to be translated for cross-national purposes have multiplied manifold, there is no research on the extent of professionalization of the translator in Vietnam until now. This study thus aims at describing the state of the translation profession in Vietnam.  While researches showed the academic attempts to enhance the professionalization of this profession, legal instruments’ analysis indicated the lack of official development evidence, especially in the full-time freelancing type. Via empirical survey and interview data, gaps between university translation degree and the real industry were also pointed out.

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Lan Bao Hoang, Chang Gung University, Taiwan

Hoang Bao Lan is a professional freelance translator and currently working as a research assistant at Chang Gung University. He has an M.A in Language Studies with an emphasis in Intercultural Communication at Yuan Ze University, Taiwan (2020) and a B.A in English with an emphasis on Translation Studies (2015). His research interests include translation studies, discourse analysis, corpus-based linguistics and humanities-interdisciplinary. He can be reached at