Veroz González, Azahara and Oaknín, Mazal (eds) (2018). AVT: Current Perspectives and Applications. e-Expert Seminar Series: Translation and Language Teaching I. UCO Press, Cordoba University Press: Córdoba, pp. 15, vid. 204 min. ISBN: 987-84-992

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Lydia Hayes


This review provides insight into the e-book created following the first edition of the e-Expert Seminar Series: Translation and Language Teaching, held on the 8th of November 2018 at University College London (UCL). These expert seminars, which are now into the planning stages of their fourth edition, are a joint venture between UCL (UK) and Universidad de Córdoba (Spain). This first edition focuses on the application of Audiovisual Translation in language-learning activities and comprises five dynamic chapters made up of four conference papers and a roundtable discussion, on topics ranging from subtitling for the Deaf and hard-of-hearing (SDH) in video games to literary-language learning through dubbed text and localisation. The e-conference papers are presented in audiovisual format along with appended abstracts in written text. Contributors to the e-book, certain of whom presented in London and others via video-conferencing, represent five universities across the UK and Spain: the two host universities, Roehampton University, Universitat Jaume I and Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. The collaboration of the host universities and involvement by academics from further afield has not only broadened the scope of the research area – insofar as modules, academic research, and language directionality differ between the institutions and the teaching scholars – but has created a space for dialogue in the educational community on the topic of translation as it relates to language teaching. 

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