Arrojo, R. (2018) Fictional Translators: Rethinking Translation through Literature.

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In Fictional Translators: Rethinking Translation through Literature, Rosemary Arrojo provides us with new insights for probing into translation studies through reflections on fictional texts. She believes fictional narratives have implications for translation-related problems or theories on the condition that we expand the definition of theory to its “etymology of theoria, a way of seeing or looking” (Arrojo, 2018: 3). The book comes out of Arrojo’s long-held conviction that “fictional representations of the work of translators will shine a special, often unexpected light on the scene of translation as an asymmetrical encounter between different languages, interests, and perspectives” (Arrojo, 2018:1). Through this book, the author reinvestigates the clichés permeating the translation studies, rediscovering what has been undervalued or even ignored.

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Min Gao is a Ph.D. candidate at the program of translation studies in SUNY Binghamton. Her research interests include literary translation and subtitle translation.