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Welcome to DoCienTia, my Website at UCO

On this website you can find the teaching resources that I use(d) in the different courses that I teach (have taught).

You can also find links to other websites containing teaching resources that I found interesting. These links are not "final" information sources but only a help or a starting point in your search in the net.

Gradually I will add more content. By now, I am still working hard to update it ...


13/01/17. After 12 years of teaching "Structural Characterization" to students from all over the world, the Univertity of Cordoba will no longer participate in the master MESC.

Thank you to all student during these years that allow me to improve me as a teacher. Thank you also for all the things I could learn from you. It was a pleasure to work with you all.

I wish you the very best in all future endeavors.

07/05/16. Own Teaching Resources: All Lecture Notes have been updated for the next 2016 autum course.

28/03/16. Own Teaching Resources: The Annexes have been updated for the next 2016 autum course.

23/03/16. Own Teaching Resources: The lecture notes and seminars on Crystallography have been updated for the next 2016 autum course.

15/03/16. The old sections "external links" and "software", are now in a single section, with simplified access to links.

Working on ...

NOTICE: My teaching resources available here have not been extensively proof-read, and therefore may contain errors. These resources were prepared for a lecture or seminar, and not for publication. If you note a mistake, please let me know and I will correct it.

NOTICE for UCO students: The use of the resources available on this website does not imply any relationship with teachers who are currently teaching in any related course. Students who use this material do so at their own risk.