Areas of research interest

  • Application of bioinspired algorithms to complex data mining tasks, mainly oriented to the development of industrial applications focusing on:
  • Evolutionary algorithms and swarm intelligence.
  • Association rule mining and classification.
  • Development of intelligent systems for Search-based software engineering, mostly focused on the analysis and design phases of the software construction process.
  • Use of diverse metaheuristics to address complex software engineering problems.
  • Intelligent decision-support systems for software architects and modellers.
  • Specification and modelling of open and distributed, large systems.
  • Use of model-driven software engineering (MDE) techniques, and design/development of (visual) domain specific languages (DSL) and its applications
  • Specification of complex software systems and architectural solutions, including AF, EAF.
Research topics

Research projects

I am (or have been) involved as a researcher in the following research projects:

  1. MEyC Project TIN2015-71841-REDT. SEBANet: Excellence Network on Search-Based Software Engineering. 2015 - 2017.
  2. MEyC Project TIN2014-55252-P. Mining data with more flexible representation. 01/01/2015 - 31/12/2017.
  3. MCI Project TIN2011-22408. New problems in knowledge discovery: A genetic programming approach. 01/01/2012 - 31/12/2014.
  4. MCI Project TIN2011-15009-E. Scientific research network on technologies for the industrial development of software (Red telemática en tecnologías para el desarrollo industrial de software). 20/01/2012 - 20/01/2013.
  5. JA Project P08-TIC-3720. Applications of techniques for knowledge extraction in educational systems (ATECSE: Aplicaciones de Técnicas de Extracción de Conocimiento en los Sistemas Educativos.). 01/01/2009 - 31/12/2012.
  6. MCI Project TIN2008-06681-C06-03. Current trends and new challenges in KEEL. Multi-instance learning and evolutionary neural networks, educational data mining and Web mining (Tendencias actuales y nuevos retos en KEEL. Aprendizaje multi-instancia, redes neuronales evolutivas, minería de datos educativos y minería Web.). 1/01/2009 - 31/12/2011.
  7. JA Project P07-TIC-3184. Modernization and visualization of complex information systems (MOVIS: Modernización y visualización de sistemas de información complejos). 01/01/2008 - 31/12/2011.
  8. MEC Project TIN2006-26882-E. Scientific research network on Maude (Red de Maude). 1/1/2007 - 1/1/2009.
  9. MEC Project TIN2006-27690-E. Scientific research network on product lines (Red de Líneas de Producto, ELE.PE.S). 1/12/2006 - 1/12/2008.
  10. MEC Project TIN2008-00889-E. Scientific research network on Model-Driven Engineering (Red de Desarrollo de software dirigido por modelos, DSDM). 1/11/2008 - 1/11/2010.
  11. MEC Project TIN2005-09405-C02-01. Software development for distributed P2P systems (Desarrollo de software para sistemas distribuidos P2P). 1/1/2006 - 31/12/2008.
  12. MEC Project TIN2005-25886-E. Scientific research network on Model-Driven Engineering (Red de Desarrollo de software dirigido por modelos, DSDM). 6/7/2006 - 6/1/2008.
  13. MEC Project TIN2005-24055-E. Scientific research network on product and software process quality (Calidad del Producto y Proceso Software). 1/1/2006 - 31/12/2008.
  14. MEC Project TIC2002-04309-C02-02. Methodologies and tools for the component-based and aspect-based software develpment (Metodologías y herramientas para el desarrollo de software basado en Componentes y Aspectos). 1/1/2003 - 31/12/2005.