Development of a software solution for the post-processing of surface scan data to identify and quantify the level of coincidence of the scanned surface and the nominal surface. For this analysis, a global approximation must be made, on the entire filtered point cloud, and a local approximation (wavines analysis), on curvilinear profiles obtained by intersection with planes in certain preferred directions with the possibility of parameterizing the distance with respect to a defined origin. In waviness analysis, different post-processing can be used based mainly on different Fourier transform treatments obtained for each profile (e.g., multi-scale analysis; “amplitude vs. frequency” spectrum; 1st ( slope) and 2nd (curvature) derivatives of h=f(s); Number of inflection points…).

Prior to this analysis, the following tasks should have been carried out: automatic filtering, parametric alignment of the point cloud obtained with the nominal surface, and the use of mathematical and mesh statistical tools to improve the repeatability of the analysis, taking advantage of the high density of data scanned point clouds. All or some of these tasks may be the result of applying existing commercial point cloud processing software, but the programming of the routines and their integration into the analysis software must be part of the proposed development.

The due date to answer to this proposal is the 3rd of november.

Los investigadores que estén interesados, pueden contactar con la OTRI en la siguiente dirección: Tlfno: 957-212058. Preguntar por Luis Barrón.