La Comisión Europea ha publicado una actualización referente al año 2019 de los programas de trabajo 2018-2020 de los diferentes temas que se tratan en Horizonte 2020. La actualización contiene nuevas convocatorias de distintos temas de investigación e información de las fechas que se preveé las aperturas de plazos de presentación de propuestas.

Se pueden consultar todos los programas de trabajo de las distintas temáticas en el siguiente enlace:

A continuación, os desglosamos los nuevos topics:

Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA)
H2020-MSCA-RR-2018: MSCA for researchers at risk (CSA)

Future and Emerging Technologies (FET)
FETPROACT-04-2019: Community building and roadmapping for high performance and smart electrochemical energy storage (CSA)
FETHPC-03-2019: International Cooperation on HPC (RIA)

Research Infrastructures
INFRADEV-04-2019: Fast track to the implementation ofan ESFRI research infrastructure (RIA)

Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies (LEIT)

NMBP-34-2019: In support of documentary standards (CSA)
SU-SPACE-23-SEC-2019: Advanced research in Near Earth Objects (NEOs) and new payload technologies for planetary defence(RIA)
SU-SPACE-31-SEC-2019: Research and innovation network of governmental users of secure satellite communications (CSA)

Societal Challenge 1: Health, demographic change and well-being

SC1-BHC-30-2019: Towards risk-based screening strategies for non-communicable diseases (RIA)
SC1-BHC-31-2019: Pilot actions to build the foundations of a human cell atlas (RIA)
SC1-BHC-32-2019: Towards a next generation influenza vaccine to protect citizens worldwide –an EU-India collaboration (RIA)
SC1-HCO-15-2019: Support for the functioning of the Global Research Collaboration for Infectious Disease Preparedness(GloPID-R) (CSA)

Societal Challenge 2: Food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine and maritime and inland water research and the bioeconomy

RUR-17-2019: Reinforcing the EU agricultural knowledge base (CSA)
RUR-18-2019: Support to the BIOEAST initiative: boosting knowledge and innovation-based bioeconomies (CSA)

Societal Challenge 3: Secure, clean and efficient energy

LC-SC3-EE-18-2019: Bioclimatic approaches for improving energy
performance in buildings in Africa and Europe (CSA)
LC-SC3-RES-29-2019: Converting Sunlight to storable chemical energy (RIA)
LC-SC3-RES-30-2019: Demonstration of plug and play solutions for
renewable off-grid electricity (IA)
LC-SC3-ES-9-2019: ERA-NET Co-Fund Enhanced cooperation in Digitalisation of Energy Systems and Networks (ERA-NET Co-Fund)

Societal Challenge 4: Smart, green and integrated transport

LC-MG-1-11-2019: Structuring R&I towards zero emission waterborne transport (CSA)

Societal Challenge 5: Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials:

LC-CLA-09-2019: ERA-NET Cofund action on biodiversity and climate
change: Impacts, feedbacks, and nature-based solutions for climate change adaptation and mitigation (ERA-NET Cofund)

SC5-22-2019: Assessing and fostering the impacts of Research and Innovation Actions (RIA) and
Innovation Actions (IA) granted by Societal Challenge 5 in 2014-2015 (CSA)
SC5-23-2019: Multi-stakeholder dialogue platform to promote nature-based solutions to societal challenges: follow-up project (CSA)

Societal Challenge 6: Europe in a changing world –inclusive, innovative and reflective societies

TRANSFORMATIONS-16-2019: Social platform on the impact assessment and the quality of interventions in European historical environment and
cultural heritage sites (CSA)
TRANSFORMATIONS-17-2019: Societal challenges and the arts (RIA)
GOVERNANCE-16-2019: Reversing Inequalities (CSA)
GOVERNANCE-17-2019: Democratic crisis? Resolving social-economic and political challenges to reinvigorate democracies (CSA)
GOVERNANCE-18-2019: Innovation in government –building anagile and citizen-centric public sector (CSA)
GOVERNANCE-19-2019: A European Social Catalyst Fund to scale up high performing social innovations in the provision of social services (CSA)

Cross-cutting activities –Next Generation Batteries:
LC-BAT-1-2019: Strongly improved, highly performant and safe all solid state batteries for electric vehicles (RIA)
LC-BAT-2-2019: Strengthening EU materials technologies for non-automotive battery storage (RIA)
LC-BAT-3-2019: Modelling and simulation for Redox Flow Battery development (RIA)
LC-BAT-4-2019: Advanced Redox Flow Batteries for stationary energy
storage (RIA)
LC-BAT-5-2019: Research and innovation for advanced Li-ion cells (generation 3b) (RIA)
LC-BAT-6-2019: Li-ion Cell Materials & Transport Modelling (RIA)
LC-BAT-7-2019: Network of Li-ion cell pilot lines (CSA)