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Dudo Errante. Russell Hoban (2011)

Pascual Garrido, María Luísa (Dr.)




According to critics, Riddley Walker (1980), Russell Hoban's most challenging work, is a post-apocalyptic fiction written in an invented language. The novel, which was included by Harold Bloom in his Western Canon, absorbs its readers due to its imaginative storyline and the intricate quality of the so-called "riddleyspeak", a neolanguage which took the author several years to develop consistent vehicle of expression to tell the story. This Spanish edition Dudo Errante with an introductory study, glossary and an appendix - "Los dialectos temporales de Riddley Walker -is an expanded edition commended by Cátedra (a prestigious academic publisher) to David Cruz and Mª Luisa Pascual, who were awarded the 2005 AEDEAN (Spanish Association of English and American Studies) Translation Award for the first edition published by Berenice (Córdoba, Spain) in 2005. Although Russell Hoban had declared the novel untranslatable he was eventually persuaded by the translators to allow for a Spanish translation to be made available.