Enrique Yeguas Bolívar

Associate Professor.

Computing and Numerical Analysis Department.
University of Córdoba.

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    Rabanales Campus
    C3 building, ground floor
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    eyeguas at uco.es
  • Phone

    (+34) 957212289
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Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Inclusion

Development of Virtual Reality environments assuring the focus on the problems and to put in the shoes experiencing virtually the perception and main difficulties to generate empathy and enhance inclusion (dyslexia, deafness,...). VRAIlexia and ISENSE projects (founded by European Union).

Computer Vision Applications

Markerless Human Motion Capture is the problem of determining the joints' angles of a three-dimensional articulated body model that best matches current and past observations acquired by video cameras.

Example-based procedural modelling and Geometric Constraint Solving

Method for procedurally modelling large, complex three-dimensional scenes. The method exploits the adjacency between shapes and objects in the input model and computes an output model that extracts these features (constraints and adjacencies).


Please, contact me if you want more details about propositions for your end-of-degree project, Master's thesis or PhD thesis.

Master's Degree in Computational Intelligence and Internet of Things

Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Degree in Computer Engineering

Computer Graphics.

Master's Thesis

Virtual and/or Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Inclusion.

Degree in Tourism

IT and Tourism Management (English).

PhD Thesis

Virtual and/or Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence and Inclusion.

End-of-degree project

Game development, Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Tourism information systems.