Educational Data Mining

Educational data mining (EDM) is an emerging discipline, concerned with developing methods for exploring the data that come from an educational context, and using those methods to better understand students, and the settings which they learn in.

Whether educational data is taken from students' use of interactive learning environments, computer-supported collaborative learning, or administrative data from schools and universities, it often has multiple levels of meaningful hierarchy, which often need to be determined by properties in the data itself, rather than in advance. Issues of time, sequence, and context also play important roles in the study of educational data.

My contributions to the EDM field

In the last years, I have published several papers about EDM. The most recents/relevants of them are: 

(for a more detailed list, go to my publications page). 

Also, I has co-edited the book Data Mining in e-learning, published by WIT Press in 2006.

He have also served as PC member in several research EDM forums including: