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Data mining in e-learning book

C. Romero y S. Ventura (eds.). Data Mining in e-learning. Advances in Management Information, Vol. 4. WIT Press. Wessex (UK), 2006. ISBN: 1-84564-152-3.

Data Mining in e-learning

C. Romero, S. Ventura, M. Pechenizkiy and R. S. de J. Baker (eds.). Handbook of Educational Data Mining. Chapman & Hall/CRC Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Series. CRC Press, 2010. ISBN: 1-43980-457-5.

Genetic Programming book

S. Ventura (editor). Genetic Programming: New Approaches and Successful Applications. In Tech, 2012. ISBN: ISBN 978-953-51-0809-2. doi: 10.5772/3102

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