Biomass/Waste Valorisation

Research on biomass valorisation has been focused in several areas including transformations of biomass-derived platform molecules to high added value chemicals and biofuels (e.g. biodiesel) to microwave-assisted processes with lignocellulosics, algae and other low-cost and waste raw materials.

Current projects include:

  • Lignin depolymerisation using novel methodologies and heterogeneous catalysts valorisation of waste feedstocks: from high added value chemicals to carbonaceous materials transformation of platform molecules to biofuels and chemicals
  • Valorisation of waste feedstocks: from high added value chemicals to carbonaceous materials
  • Transformation of platform molecules to biofuels and chemicals

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Nanoscale Chemistry

We have focused our research on a range of supported metals and metal oxide nanoparticle on porous materials. Metals employed to date from noble (Pd, Pt, Ru, Rh) to transition metals including Fe, Co, Cu and Ni. Materials have been prepared using novel methodologies developed in our group including microwave and ball-milling assisted deposition protocols.

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02/10/2015 Afi left Cordoba and went back to Iran. All the best to Afi!

08/09/2015 Rafa and Weiyi attended a summer school in the "Photo4Future" research program (A Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network) in Eindhoven, hosted by the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e).

07/08/2012 Rafa interviewed by Vera Koster from Chemistry Views (Wiley). You can read the intereview.

07/08/2012 Rafa interviewed by several media along the lines of Social media in Sciences, Researchgate and his recent work on biofuels, see Highlights for more info!

07/08/2012 European tour with invited lectures and visits in Warsaw, Linz, Ljubljana and many others.

07/08/2012 Rafa leaves to the Max Planck in Berlin to Prof. Antonietti's group for a short stay of three months as part of his GreenTalents2011 award.

07/08/2012 Jose Bermudez from INCAR leaves the group after his very succesful 3-month stay in Cordoba. Best of luck for the future and many thanks for the great job and results that will be published soon!!

07/08/2012 Alina heading to the group of our collaborator Prof. Ana Rosa Silva at Aveiro for 3 weeks.

07/08/2012 The group signs a contract agreeement with the company Petrowood Combustiveis Ltd from Portugal.