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Grupo Aerobiología en Córdoba 

Aerobiology studies the biological particles in the air that in many cases have a negative effect on the human health. The interest of this science has gone up quickly, as the number of patients suffering from allergy to these particles has increased considerably, with the consequent demand of information.

Nowadays, this science is also important by the close relationship with other sciences as medicine, climatology, agronomy and ecology, between others.


In the University of Córdoba, Aerobiology studies began in the 80’s with the study of the pollen content in the air of Córdoba. In 1992, the Andalusia Aerobiology Network (RAA) http://www.uco.es/raa was constituted parallel to the Spanish Aerobiology Network (REA) http://www.uco.es/rea. The coordinator centre of both networks is placed at the University of Córdoba, aerobiology group, since their constitution until now. The main objective of these networks is to analyze the biological particles in the air, with aerobiological samplers spread all over Spain. In this way, data from pollen grains and fungal spores concentrations can be facilitate as well as a forecast of the air biological quality. This information is of interest at sanitary level for patients and professional of this subject and also for environmental and agronomic studies.

These networks are constituted mainly but research groups working at the University. This fact allows developing research studies which results increase the quality of the information offered.
Aerobiología en Córdoba: aerobiologia@uco.es