Principal Researcher

Dr. José Luís González Andújar

José Luis González-Andújar has authored over 220 publications in journals and books. He is a senior researcher of the  Spanish Research Council (CSIC); visiting postgraduate professor of the Faculty of Agronomy of the  Republic University (Uruguay), external professor of the Faculty of Agronomy of the Universidad Nacional del Sur (Argentina) and Scientific Director of the “International Laboratory on Global Change” (LINCGlobal).

He is member of the editorial boards of Weed Research, PLOS ONE and Agronomia y Ambiente,  having served in the past as Associated Editor of Communications in Biometry and Crop Science, member of the editorial advisory committees  of Biometrics, Biometry Bulletin and Journal of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Statistics.

He also served as President of Spanish Weed Science Society, President and Past-President of the Lationamerican Association of Weed Science, President and Vice-President of the Spanish Biometric Society and President of the Spanish Region of the International Biometric Society,Vicepresident and Secretary of the Spanish Society of Information Technology in Agriculture and Forestry, and received national and international awards and recognitions, including Honorary Member of the Weed Science Society of America (WSSA).

In general, his research tends to focus on the interface between agriculture and plant community and ecosystem ecology, including weed ecology and management, the role of diversity in agroecosystem function, agroecosystem services and climate change. The prime goal of his research program is to understand the biology and dynamics of weed communities and develop integrated weed management (IWM) solutions encompassing chemical and non-chemical tactics. He particularly uses simulation modeling tools to answer some of the fundamental research questions surrounding weed management and guide management decision-making. His research takes an inter-disciplinary approach in addressing knowledge gaps by integrating tools and knowledge from a wide range of disciplines. He actively collaborates with eminent research groups within and outside Spain.


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