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This is the website of the Department of Food Science and Technology, University of Córdoba.

Our departmentis have two areas of expertise which includes 7 high level professors, 7 professors , 1 Doctor hired Professor , 4 Doctor Assistant Professor , 6 Associate professors and 1 interim teacher . It teaches in degrees of "Veterinay", "Science and Food Technology", "Agricultural Engineering", Mount Engineering", "Enology" and "Tourism" and the Masters in "Agrifood", "Nutrition and Metabolism" , "Design and Management of Agro-Industrial Plants", "Representation and Design in Engineeringand Architecture" and "Teacher "

The research was divided into PAI research groups, and its main theme related to food destined for human consumption, from approaches such as quality, food safety, nutritional value, processing and processing technology and engineering that relate to its processed. These lines comprise research groups in doctoral programs "Nutritionand Metabolism (plan 98)", "Food Technology (plan 98)", "Life Sciences and Agri-Food Sciences", "Biomedicine" and "Agro-Industrial Plant Engineering"

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