CBMS 2019 Slack Group

CBMS decided this year to create a Slack channel for real-time communication with all the delegates. If we need to send any urgent information, we will still use the email addresses provided in the registration. However, Slack allows creating a more dynamic and fluent environment to communicate between all the delegates attending CBMS and with/between organization and volunteers.

The link to join Slack will be sent to you by email using the email address used at the registration form.

Once you join slack, you will be automatically added to different channels. Here, we provide a brief explanation about what are the objectives of such channels:

#announcements: This channel will be read-only to most of you, and only the organization can send messages in this channel. Any announcement about the conference organization, logistics, changes in the agenda, etc, will be done through here.

#cbms-2019: This is the main channel where everybody can write and read. If you want to present yourself, ask a question or just send some nice pics about Córdoba or the event, this is your place!

#lostandfound: This channel will be used to let know if somebody has lost or found anything.

Apart from these channels, some delegates will be added to other different channels depending on if they have any role in the conference (session chair, volunteer, etc).

Once you are registered. You can access Slack through this address:

Although to make sure you receive all notifications in real time, we recommend you to download the Slack application for your smartphone (iOS / Android).

Get it on Google PlayDownload on the Apple Store