Since 2017/18 academic year, a set of 30 ECTS is offered in English. The current modules are offered in English are:

Code Module Year Term ECTS
101400 Web programming
(Programación Web)
101421 Foundations of intelligent vision systems
(Fundamentos de sistemas inteligentes en visión)
101425 Metaheuristics
101404 Legislation and standarisation
(Legislación y estandarización)
101428 Introduction to computational models
(Introducción a los modelos computacionales)
101438 Professional English for Computer Engineering
Inglés profesional para Ingeniería Informática)
101444 Bachelor thesis
(Trabajo Fin de Grado)
Both semesters 12

Students who wish to enrol in bilingual modules must have certified at least B1 level English (although B2 level is recommended) at least a month before the start of the exam period. If a Spanish student does not certify the required level of English before the deadline, they will be assessed as part of the Spanish group. Interested students are advised to enrol and attend the English lectures from the start of term.

Participation in this module will be certified on the student’s transcript. In the case that the student does not complete the full module, the number of credits completed will be noted.

The timetable has been developed to allow taking all the English modules simultaneously. However, students are responsible to check that their timetable is compatible with their personal choice of modules. Due to timetable automation, please, look for the Spanish name of the module and the note "(Inglés)".

Enrolment in Bilingual Modules
  1. Self-enrolment in all the bilingual modules the student is going to study from the scheme as well as all other modules.

  2. Completion of the enrolment application for bilingual modules.

  3. Submission of the completed and signed application to the Secretary of the School’s Secretary. This application should be accompanied by the student’s official English language level if this was not clarified on the student’s academic record.