How can the student carry out an internship?

Students from the Higher Polytechnic School of Cordoba have a wide range of internship opportunities in businesses and organisations. They can obtain more information about these opportunities in the Careers office of the school .

Requirements for undergraduate students

Application procedure

  • Undergraduate students that need to fulfil the necessary requirements in terms of credits in order to obtain the grant from the Ministry of Education should enrol, during the normal enrolment period, in the number of modules that corresponds to the time they will be carrying out the internship, in multiples of 5 ECTs up to a maximum of 30, under the section entitled “Internships” (see article 10 of the rules governing Internships ).
  • All students of the School should apply for one of the internships advertised (on the website and on the notice boards) in the Careers office of the school .
  • The application must be submitted toin the School’s Careers office where it will be processed. Once the office has received a PDF copy of the internship agreement from the collaborating organisation, the student can submit their acceptance letter. The original copies of the both the student’s application form and the collaborating organisation’s internship agreement will be sent directly to the collaborating organisation as it is the organisation that is responsible for giving a copy to the student.
  • The acceptance letter must be signed by both the student and the collaborating organisation, printed out (3 copies) and submitted to the Secretary of the EPSC.
  • If, after submitting the acceptance letter toin the Secretary of the EPSC, any undergraduate student has not previously enrolled in the module entitled “INTERNSHIP”, they will have to do so. They must enrol in the number of ECT credits that corresponds to the time they will be carrying out the internship, in multiples of 5 ECTs up to a maximum of 30, (see article 10 of the rules governing Internships ).
  • The student will only be able to begin the internship when they have been given the Vº Bº to the ANNEX by the School.
  • On completing the internship:
    1. Undergraduate students carrying out curricular internships (i.e. that form part of the course programme):
      • After finishing the internship, the student will receive an email (@uco) containing instructions for accessing the online form where they need to complete an internship report . After completing the report students should click the “save report” button, download the PDF version of the form, print and sign it.
      • The student’s tutor at the collaborating organisation will also receive a similar internship report , which they must complete, sign and return to the student.
      • It is the student’s responsibility to bring the internship report to the School’s Secretary.
      • Once the student has submitted these reports to the Secretary, their academic tutor at the School will receive an email inviting them to complete a report online, which again must be signed and submitted with the School’s Secretary. In this report, students will be assigned a final grade which will be recorded on their student record.
    2. Undergraduate students carrying out EXTRACURRICULAR internships:
      • On completing the internships, students can request that the internship be recognised in the European Diploma Supplement. To this end, before completing their internship, students can request an internship certificate from the School’s Secretary.

Academic recognition for curricular internships at undergraduate level: