Rodero-Cosano, María Luisa

Información Personal

Posición: Profesor Ayudante Doctor María Luisa Rodero-Cosano
Áreas de investigación:
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Localización: Universidad Loyola Andalucia


Maria Luisa Rodero Cosano holds a PhD in Engineering from the University of Cordoba. She is currently working as lecturer at University Loyola Andalucía in Math and Engineering area. Her current researches include latent variable analysis, structural equation models, the social indicators especially those involved in regional and development policies, technical efficiency in health areas and spatial analysis applied to epidemiological health studies related. Additionally, she has collaborated in the preparation of a health atlas in different regions, as Cataluña, Madrid and Pais Vasco, where health services are studied, spatially analysed and mapped through Geographical Information Systems (GIS), as well as international projects, for example, “Research on Financing systems’ Effect on the Quality of Mental health care”, with PSICOST research association and Universidad Loyola Andalucía. Currently, is  CoIP of the project "Refinement - Spain", financed by the I.S.Carlos III.