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Past Projects


Smart Community Energy Management System (SCEMS)

National programme of Science and Technical Research and Innovation 2013 (MINECO). Ref. TEC-2013-47316-C3-1-P. Universidad de Córdoba, Universidad de Extremadura y Universidad de Cádiz.

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Project about Energy Efficiency in Street Lighting (IT2SIP)

Attributed by the Public Work Agency of the Andalusian Government (AOPJA), supported by FEDER grants. In which participates the research group Industrial Electronics and Instrumentation (IEI PAI TIC 240 ), Tech.Centre HABITEC and Valdemar Ing. SL.

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Intelligent system for production, storage and management of PV on-time (PV-ONTIME)

ITC-20131005. Feder-Innterconecta, Co-funded by CDTI, IDEA & CICE Junta de Andalucía. MAGTEL, Irradia Energía, GreenPower Tech, Universidad de Sevilla, Universidad de Córdoba.

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Total Integrated GRid Intelligent System (TIGRIS)

ITC-20131002. Feder-Innterconecta, Co-funded by CDTI, IDEA & CICE Junta de Andalucía. Telvent, Adevice Sol.,GreenPower Tech,Wellness Tel. Senen, Light Environment Control, Sodinur Cons.Universidad de Sevilla Universidad de Córdoba

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Smart Inverter for Distributed Energy Resources: Security, protection and communications (SIDER)

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Advanced Techniques for Active System (TASA)

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Study of the energy situation in the province of Cordoba

Higher order statistics to characterize power quality events

Intelligent Management of Public Lighting (GIAP)

Embedded Systems for Critical Infrastructure (SEPIC)

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Malaga SmartCity. Implementation of a Technology workbench for smart grids (SMARTCITY)

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Analysis of performance patterns in PV systems for improving energy efficiency and reliability

M2M System with GPRS/GPS Modules for Remote Monitoring of Solar Panels

Automatic System to Protect of Radiation Excess in Thermal Solar Panels (PROTECSOL)

Advanced infrastructures DA/DSM for efficient management of distribution networks (AVANDIS)

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Computational Techniques in Electronic Equipment for frequency Stability electronic sources characterization in environment of confluence with different types of noises.