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Research Lines


Quality and efficient use of electric energy

  • Analysis and measurement of Electromagnetic Interferences (EMI).
  • Disturbance and susceptibility testing of loads.
  • Power quality troubleshooting.
  • Power system design to better serve ICT loads, "Custom Power".
  • Conditioning and compensation within three-phase system with electrical disturbances.
  • Electronic Systems Design for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Compliance.
  • Design of fault tolerant industrial systems.
  • Lighting control (streetlighting and in-building).

Distributed Energy Resources: Information technology and Engineering

  • Advanced electrical distribution automation.
  • Smart Grids. Micro Grids.
  • Instrumentation, sensors and signal conditioning.
  • Large scale grid integration of renewable energy sources.
  • Communication infraestructures and wireless technologies, WSNs.
  • System on Chip.
  • Smart Metering. Smart Homes.
  • Smart Lighting.
  • Smart Cities and Communities.
  • Internet of Energy.