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Total Integrated GRid Intelligent System (TIGRIS)

Active Projects

About the Project

TIGRIS is a Feder Innterconecta research project that aims to develop a Smart Grid integrated and secure solution. The main goal is the optimisation of the electrical distribution network by increasing the system capabilities. The project is divided into five different sections:

  1. Smart Network Devices
  2. Street Lighting
  3. Smart Metering
  4. Smart Building
  5. Integrated Systems

The University of Cordoba and the R&D Group Industrial Electronics & Instrumentation together with the company TELVENT are responsible for modelling the consumers' behaviour in terms of energy consumption. The model is focused in the below-listed sectors:

  • Residential Sector
  • Office Buildings
  • Street Lighting
  • Industrial Consumers

In order to carry out these objectives a set of stochastic models are being developed, which aim to estimate the daily consumption profiles with high temporal resolution and being flexible enough, so different energy policies could be studied as well as their impact in the global consumption of the sector.