Makom Sefarad 2023




UCOidiomas. C/ Doña Berenguela, s/n. Edificio Vial Norte-UCO. 14006, Córdoba (España)   VER MAPA


Español , Spanish


The light of the world: Jewish, Christians and Muslims in medieval Spain

UCOIDIOMAS Cordoba, Andalusia (Spain)
Academic program dates: May 15-25, 2023

Arrival at Córdoba: May 14, 2023



UCOidiomas and Makom Sefarad have created a deeply dynamic and creative summer program that combines, on the one hand, the learning of Spanish as a foreign language and, on the other, a unique experience enjoying the rich cultural diversity of Andalusia.

The program is open to all those interested in learning Spanish as well as discovering the fascinating history of Jews, Christians and Muslims in the Spanish Middle Ages. An inclusive program open to people of any age, cultural background or religious belief.
At UCOidiomas and Makom Sefarad we believe that an experience of diversity and intercultural dialogue will enrich our lives and establish the pillars of a future in peace and harmony.
No prior knowledge is required, just curiosity, the desire to meet new people and travel through some of the most beautiful cities in Spain.

Survival Spanish

Intensive Spanish course (20 contact hours) to learn in a communicative way the vocabulary and useful expressions so as to communicate with locals during your stay in Spain. No previous knowledge in Spanish is required.


Jews, Christians and Muslims in Spanish Middle Ages, by Rabbi Haim Casas

Kabalat Shabat

Kabalat Shabbat is the ceremony that welcomes the Jewish Sabbath. A joyous ceremony animated by ancient rituals and melodies loaded with meaning and spirituality. Rabbi Haim Casas will accompany us in this experience and will explain its history and symbolism. The service of Kabalat Shabat will be followed by a traditional dinner in which to celebrate joy and friendship in the heart of the Jewish quarter of Córdoba.

Accommodation for all participants 

Homestay & kosher style (Single room & meals from Sunday-Saturday)

Price per student: 845 EUR. It includes:

  • Academic program
  • Cultural activities
  • Homestay

Online enrolment


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