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Ucoidiomas is the University of Cordoba’s official language center. Founded in 1999, it has almost 18 years of experience in managing, organizing and teaching Spanish courses for students from abroad, in addition to providing courses in many other languages.

It is recognized as an exam center for certification in Diplomas in Spanish as a Foreign Language (called DELE in Spanish) and the International Service of Spanish Language Assessment (called SIELE in Spanish), both by the Cervantes Institute.

It is located just ten minutes from the city center and only five minutes from both the train station and the bus station.

Recently, in 2014, the classrooms and offices moved to its current location, where it boasts modern facilities including ten multimedia classrooms, a language lab, a reading room and a WiFi zone.

About UCOidiomas

  • We could give you many reasons to choose to study Spanish or other languages at Ucoidiomas, but the main one would be our track record of providing students with high quality instruction so they can experience and enjoy the language and communicate in day-to-day situations.
  • We are convinced that Ucoidiomas is the best option for students who want to experience Spanish life and study the language at the same time.
  • We offer students from abroad the chance to live and study in one of the oldest and historically most important cities in Spain.
  • We have vast experience in organizing and teaching Spanish as a foreign language courses.
  • Our teaching staff is highly qualified and experienced.
  • We design academic programs and courses based on the needs and interests of our students.
  • Our approach to teaching Spanish is on developing communicative skills and on improving interactions in real-life situations.
  • We enhance the learning experience with leisure activities, tours of important sights and trips outside of the classroom.
  • We provide stays in host families, which provide an ideal learning environment.
  • Our work has the certification of quality management system, number SGS ES13/13422, in accordance with the requisites of Rule ISO 9001:2008, guaranteeing our commitment to providing quality service.

The E/LE curriculum in UCOidiomas follows the European guidelines for languages detailed in the Common European Framework of Reference: learning, teaching and evaluation, 2001 (CEFR), developed for Spanish by the Instituto Cervantes in its Curricular Plan of 2006.
The CEFR forms an essential part of the general project on linguistic policy of the European Council, which has been making a considerable and well-founded effort to unify guidelines for learning and teaching within the European context since 1971. It describes the common reference levels as a flexible series of levels of achievement defined by appropriate mediators. The adopted focus is based on an analysis of language use in function with the strategies used by students to carry out certain activities and processes. It assesses to what extent they can acquire the general competence and communication skills required for understanding texts and constructing discourse on certain issues and complete the tasks they face under the conditions and restrictions of the situations which arise in the different areas of social life.

Equivalence table between the CEFR and American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages Proficiency Guidelines (ACTFL).

C2 Advanced High, Superior
C1 Advanced Mid, Advanced High
B2 Intermediate High, Advanced Low
B1 Intermediate Mid, Intermediate High
A2 Lower Intermediate, Intermediate Mid
A1 Novice High
<A1 Novice Low, Novice Mid
  • Ucodiomas facilitates the participants to enjoy an unforgettable experience by staying during the course in a Spanish family.
  • The families are located in areas not far from Ucoidiomas, in central areas where you can feel everyday life. You can easily walk from the homes to the study center.
  • Families have been carefully selected. Accommodation includes three daily meals and laundry service once a week. The students have their own single room, fully equipped.
  • Learning about culture is part of language learning and can be very helpful. You just have to have an open mind and be flexible at times.
  • Take advantage of this experience and enjoy life in Cordoba.
  • Students who prefer independent accommodation (hostels, hotels) will have to take personal responsibility for the reservation and payment of the same.

Welcome to Cordoba

About Cordoba

The Spanish city of Cordoba is the third largest city in Andalusia. Nowadays is admired for its architectural monuments, mainly the Great Mosque-Cathedral, considered to be the most important islamic monument built in the West. Due to its cultural legacy, it was designated a World Heritage City by the UNESCO in 1994. But the city also offers numerous spaces and activities for entertainment. Shops, markets, Flamenco shows, Arab tea rooms, Arab Baths or Hamman, tapas in taverns or drinks in pubs and bars are some common ways to enjoy the city.

Did you know that more than 100 films and series have been filmed in Córdoba among them Game of Thrones (Season 5).

Watch movies filmed in Cordoba

Our courses

Ucoidiomas offers a wide range of language and culture courses, for a variety of levels and communicative needs: