The University of Cordoba is strongly committed to the internationalization of its R&D+i (Research, Development, and Innovation).

Our participation in competitive projects of transnational cooperation drives innovation, the transfer of results, development, and competitiveness in our environment, while also representing a significant source of funding for research and technological development and an increase in the prestige of our institution.

In order to strengthen UCO’s support for its researchers, various mechanisms to promote and incentivize international R&D+i have been implemented at the University of Cordoba.


Support mechanisms of the UCO to promote participation in R&D+i projects


The Own Plan for International Research 2023 continues actions initiated in previous calls aimed at activating, promoting, or improving the conditions for research groups and scientific personnel to access funding opportunities presented in the European Union’s Framework Programme (Horizon Europe 2021-2027), as well as meeting the objectives of the current UCO Strategic Plan. The plan is structured into three distinct modalities:

1. Grants to promote participation in international research project calls.
2. Incentives for coordinating international R&D+i projects.
3. Attraction of doctoral researchers to strengthen international research.

On the other hand, during the regular session on March 30, 2023, the Governing Council approved the modification of the Regulations for the Application and Management of International R&D+i and Academic Projects, which were previously approved during the Governing Council session on November 2, 2021 (BOUCO no. 2021/998, November 2. See regulations

UCO’s Strategy for Participation in Horizon Europe