Hyphenating SUPRAS and LC-MS-MS for high-throughput universal testing of banned substances in urine.

Partnership for Clean Competition, USA.

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Tailoring green supramolecular solvents for the design of eco-efficient processes in food
analysis and biomass valorization.
Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation


Tailoring supramolecular solvents for generalized sample treatments in food quality control.

Andalusian Department of Knowledge, Innovation and University.


Multifunctional supramolecular systems for the sustainable production of carotenoid- rich foods from agroindustrial residues and microalgae.

Andalusian Department of Economy, Knowledge, Enterprises and University


LifeWatch-ERIC Scientific Infraestructure for Global Change Monitoring and Adaptation in Andalusia (INDALO). Mediterranean Forest Observatory, MedWatch,

European Commission.


National Network for innovation in miniaturized sample treatment techniques.

Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities


Green Chemical Engineering Network towards upscaling sustainable processes (GREENERING).

EU COST Actions

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Bio-disolventes supramoleculares para la producción sostenible de formulaciones
enriquecidas en licopeno a partir de residuos de tomate.
Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation

Human exposure to emerging contaminants related to microplastics trough fish and shellfish human consumption.

Universidad de Córdoba


Semi-pilot scale extraction of carotenoids from agrifood residues and microalgae by the BIOSUPRAS technology.

Andalusian Department of Economy, Knowledge, Enterprises and University