Analytical Chemistry Dept., Annex "Marie Curie" Bldg. 3rd floor. C.U. Rabanales, University of Córdoba. 14071-Córdoba (Spain)

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Emilia María Reyes Gallardo

PhD in Chemistry
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(+34) 957 21 86 16

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Emilia Mª Reyes Gallardo was born in Córdoba (Spain) in 1988. She studied Chemistry at the University of Córdoba, finishing her studies in 2011 with extraordinary end-of-studies award. Since 2009, she was a collaborator student in this department. In 2012, she finished a Master in Fine Advanced Chemistry and obtained a research grant. Her master project was focused in the combination of a polymer with magnetic nanoparticles to determine nitroaromatic compounds in water samples.

In 2013, she received a competitive predoctoral grant (FPU) to do her PhD. Later, in 2015, she did a predoctoral stay at the University of Ghent (Belgium) for three months. There, she could use the electrospinning technique to make polymeric membranes combined with nanoparticles.

In her PhD studies, she developed both scientific and teaching activities (in the Chemistry and in the Food Science and Technology degrees). She also participated in the tutoring of four students (from master and PhD) and in one end-of-degree project. Her research work is mainly focused on the development of new analytical methods using different hybrid materials as sorbents for microextraction, combining polymers with nanoparticles. Additionally, she has participated as speaker in numerous scientific divulgation activities such as “European Researchers’ Night” or “Café con Ciencia”.