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María del Carmen Alcudia León

PhD in Chemistry
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(+34) 957 21 86 16

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María del Carmen Alcudia León wasborn in El Carpio (Córdoba) in 1983. She graduated in Chemistry at the University of Córdoba in 2006 obtaining of the Extraordinary-End-of-Studies Award. In the same year she joined FQM-215 research group. In May 2007 she got a competitive grant (FPU) guide by Professor Soledad Cárdenas to begin her doctoral studies. During the 2006/2007 academic year she attended the official Master “Advance Fine Chemistry” at the University of Córdoba. In 2009 she spent three months in the Vibrational Spectroscopy and Chemical Analysis group at the Technical University under the supervisione of Professor Bernhard Lendl learning the basis of infrared spectroscopy. During her doctorate, she developed both scientific and teaching activities (practical classes in the Bachelor of Chemistry, training course on teaching, scientific conferences). In her PhD studies, she worked in the coupling between sample treatment techniques and infrared spectroscopy and in the development of a newmicroextraction techniques, named stir membrane extraction. The new approach combines the advantages of microextraction techniques and stirring in the same unit allowing the isolation and preconcentration of the analytes in the simple and efficient way. In 2011, she presented her doctoral thesis entitled “Innovation in techniques microextraction combined with spectroscopic and chromatographic techniques” under the guidance of Professors Rafael Lucena and Soledad Cárdenas. The doctoral thesis got the headline grade (excellent cum-laude) and international mention.

During her postdoctoral stage, she has published 20 scientific indexed articles. In addition, she has participated in scientific divulgation activities including exhibitions (European Researcher Night, Paseopor la ciencia, inIenios en ruta, Programa de Captación de estudiantes,…) and articles (Bulletin Graseqa). Her reseach has been also materialized in 25 conferences papers (10 international and 15 national). In the teaching context, she has been Professor with different dedications on the Analytical Chemistry Department and she got experience supervising end year projects. Moreover she got the expert degree “Expert for training of university teachers”. Nowadays, she is Professor of the University of Córdoba, she is accredited as “Contracted doctor lectures” by ANECA. Moreover she works in the employment of magnetic nanoparticles as sorbents and development of sampling systems, that incorporate techniques of microextraction in the same unit. She is also interested in control pest insects.